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₦145,000 ₦180,000
Brand: LG
Product Code: 107


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This automatic split unit is designed with the latest technology of its kind‎,‎ as it is designed with Jet cool‎,‎ and auto restart function‎.‎ With the jet cool feature‎,‎ you are sure to experience extra coolness in the comfort of your home and office‎,‎ making you not feel the harshness of the hot weather‎.‎ And also with the auto restart function‎,‎ it gives you easy operation of your split system‎.‎ There is no need for you to stress yourself turning on the air conditioner when power is seized‎,‎ once power comes back into its source‎,‎ this high tech air conditioner automatically restarts by itself‎,‎ making you relaxed as it gives you extra coolness‎.‎

In addition to the uniqueness and quality of this split system‎,‎ the high tech air conditioner is far improved as it is designed with bigger engine of 35 percent‎,‎ thereby enhancing more efficiency‎,‎ and quality of cool supply‎.‎ This bigger engine feature of this split system‎,‎ makes it more durable and last longer compared to the other type of air conditioners‎.‎ This split system is also designed with multi stage tropical compressor‎,‎ which has the ability to function under extreme conditions of up to 54 degree Celsius‎,‎ giving you additional coolness you can ever imagine‎.‎ This stylish designed split system also comes with no kit‎.‎ 


  • LVS (low voltage startability)
  • Multi stage tropical compressor
  • Jet Cool, Auto restart
  • 35% Bigger Engine
  • NO KIT

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