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2.4G wireless game controller gamepad for ps3

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SupportAndroid 2.3 or above system and Windows 10/8/7/XP, likeAndroid Phone (REQUIRE an OTG CABLE),Tablet, Android TV Box.The controller is not a

Bluetooth device. It comes with a RF receiver that connects via USB, much better than Bluetooth.

* About MineCraft?

The controller only support play MineCraft in the Game simulator, doesn't support play online!


This game controller's acquiescent mode is Android Mode, so you need to press home button 5-10 seconds, then it will change to PC Mode (now there always 1 red

led lights no matter how many times you press home button), now you can set up in the game and play with it on your laptop or desktop.

* Detailed operation to connect your pc after you get it:

1.Power on your PC and insert the USB receiver.

2.Power on the controller, the 1 (or 2) red led light, keep press the home button and it will change between 1 led and 2 led. Now please press home button 5-10 seconds,

and it will keep 1 led light no matter how many times you press home button, that means it has changed to PC mode.

3.Enter the game and set up controller, wait for several minutes if the controller has no response, or unplug the USB receiver and replug it.

4.Repeat "unplug the USB receiver and replug it" if the controller still has no response.

Any other problems, please feel free to contact with us. BAILE STORE aimed at our customer's 100% satisfaction.

Package Includes:

1 x 2.4G Wireless Game controller

1 x USB Receiver

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